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Tuesday 1st Sep

It's been 5 long years since I lost my father to cancer. He was a highly motivated, ambitious leader who was always looking out for others. I remember it like it was only yesterday. It was one of the most heart breaking and life changing experiences in my 34 years. I had never really felt that I was personally in a position to actually make a difference but as time goes on, I have realized I don't need to change the world one leap at a time, I can do it in small steps until I reach my goals.

This Blue September I will be doing my part to help support and raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation who support Kiwi men and their families living with prostate cancer. I'm hoping that some of our bearded brothers will help us out!

As of today, NZ Beards will donate 10% of all product sales from the month of September to help support this fantastic cause! We may not make the biggest donation in the world but everything our small business can give, we will. Help support our Blue September by making a donation to our Blue September page or simply buying what you need from our store. Beard On, Brothers!