Funds for the Fijian fighter

Funds for the fighters

Just over a year ago we lost our Fiji Aja aka grandad to prostate cancer. He was much loved by his family and friends. In his honour, for the month of September  we’ve decided to raise a little coin for others and their families fighting the big fight. So skip that coffee one day this month and donate to a good cause, it all counts!! Donate as little or as much as you’d like, we’ll also be having our own Blue Dos’ this month to raise awareness. 

Vinaka from, 
The Lins, Narans and Patels 

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Patel’s @ 29A Balvant, Vanita, Deelan & Anisha





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Bapuji. We will carry your legacy forward. We miss you dearly.


Tania Anish & Romeo


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Sujata Patel

in memory of my Uncle, taken by Cancer, we need to find a cure!


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Good on you raising funds, I hope you reach your goal 🙌🏼


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All the best for your kindness


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Go gals x



With much love



Awesome stuff team! Great cause :)


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